PayPal Live Selects

“LiveSelects” – a digital shopping experience to connect local retailers with Australian Christmas shoppers via Facebook Live.

We challenged Matt Okine to be a better giver and nail his Christmas shopping live on facebook. The event at iconic Bondi beach markets garnered 197,000 views and well over 300 comments at an extremely competitive time of year for consumer attention.

The Ask

Reinvigorate PayPal consumers and merchants for PayPal’s Shop Off the Beaten Path (SOTBP) Christmas campaign for the second year running. How do we maintain the relevance of the SOTBP campaign, connecting Australian millennial consumers specifically with small, local sellers in an engaging and innovative way?

The Insight & Idea

Looking at internal customer data and external third-party research, PayPal recognised that many millennial shoppers are overwhelmed by the prospect of Christmas shopping, but want to be better givers for their loved ones. Meanwhile, the insights highlighted that smaller retailers miss out on a large piece of the critical Christmas retail trade as consumers default to visiting big department stores.


The Results

The LiveSelects program generated a great deal of interest in the SOTBP campaign. The program also generated financial success for the participating retailers, with merchants reporting increases in web traffic and sales over Christmas trade attributable to LiveSelects.

When combined with a unique Australian first media buy, live streaming the event on Daily Mail, the reach was over 447,000, greatly outstripping expectations.

WINNER: IN2SABRE Certificate of Excellence