JBS&G – Consentium

Branding for new opportunities

JBS&G identified a business opportunity providing strategic advisory services to organisations delivering projects in sensitive social and environmental contexts, However, their existing brand and collateral didn’t reflect this new offering and couldn’t stretch to provide credibility in this high value consultation space.

To address this we developed a more contemporary brand that better represents the new suite of services, unhindered by the parent brand.

Using a process inspired by agile prototyping, we went from brief to asset completion in just two weeks.

The process includes 3 stages:

First we explored several broad brand directions informed by our brand exploration documentation which is developed in consultation with the client. These initial explorations are all stress tested in key end use scenarios so that the brand comes to life in realistic scenarios.

We then workshop with stakeholders to identify preferred options and use this feedback to refine the initial options down to one robust recommended solution.

Lastly we iterate as required, delving deeper into detailed requirements to produce the brand documentation and suite of assets including document templates, business cards & website.