Isn’t it time for responsive advertising?

Display advertising can no longer be defined by pre determined pixel based ad units. As screen sizes diversify and new devices are introduced we need to provide advertising and sponsorship solutions that deliver value to clients across all mediums.

We see these issues all the time, legacy ad units that don’t work in a mobile context so they prevent publishers from monetising the growing mobile audience and deliver a broken user experience that falls short of reader’s expectations.

Here’s an example from the not too distant future:

Sanitarium have a new breakfast product that utilises the latest scientific research to create the perfect breakfast food.

It’s 7am, your smart watch alarm is connected to speakers in your bedroom via Bluetooth. A song of your choice plays followed by the audio breakfast wrap news headlines ‘brought to you by Sanitarium, the right start’.

Sitting down to breakfast you browse a headline of interest from the breakfast news update on your tablet, on tablet articles have a time sensitive interactive ad unit that shows you how different breakfast options effect your energy levels throughout the day.

Hopping on the train you pick up reading the same article, on your mobile the sponsored ad unit is a follow on article that has 5 quick tips for the best start to the day. You notice another article of interest and save it to your reading list.

Later at work, you grab a coffee and take a quick break to read the article you saved earlier. On desktop breakfast wrap articles have a sponsored video billboard that gives an inside look at the science behind Sanitarium’s new product.

4 mediums, 4 appropriate, in context sponsorship incarnations that add value to the reader and advertisers that would command premium rates & generate true engagement.

By developing responsive ad solutions publishers can create a strategic advantage over competitors and position ad solutions for future growth instead of relying on ageing formats that are decreasing in value.